The Quantum Machine Learning Group at CVC


The QML-CVC group is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of physicists, computer scientists, experts in computer vision, machine learning and quantum information. Know more about every one of us by clicking above!


Our research tackles the bridge between the Q (quantum information) and the ML (machine learning) fields of knowledge, from both a basic and oriented perspective. Our aim is to provide a roadmap for quantum computing in the field of computer vision.


Our team produces scientific publications, open GitHubs and tutorials. This serves as support materials for the research results and consolidates a repository of the algorithms developed. You can check our open production in this link.


We are interested in different dimensions of the impact of our research. Our team contributes in different initiatives researching the the social impact of AI and quantum technologies. Here you can find in this section multimedia contents associated to our activities.

Collaborating instutions

The QML-CVC group is collaborating with a number of groups of different institutions:

Funded Projects

The QML-CVC is parter of the following funded projects:


Grpah Reasoning for Automatic Interpretation and Learning


Empowering European Citizens for Innvoation

Cátedra ENIA UAB-Cruïlla

Chair on Research and Artificial Intelligence in the field of Music/Arts